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If you’ve never been through the bail bonds process in the past, you might begin to panic when you get that late-night phone call letting you know your loved one is in jail. The first step is to relax, breathe and know that everything is going to be okay. Bail bonds in Carson County are available to help. Give our Bargain Bail Bonds professionals a call at (806) 379-2003 today. If you are getting a bail bond for someone else, then feel free to stop by our offices at 206 SW 6th Ave, Amarillo, TX 79101.

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What to Do if a Loved One is in Jail: Bail Bonds in Carson County

When you speak to the person in custody on the phone, be sure to grab a pen and paper so you can write down some important information. Ask about:

  • The location of the arrest, including the city and state.
  • The name of the jail.
  • The legal name of the person in custody.
  • The booking number.
  • The amount of the bail.

In some situations, it might not be possible to get this information. For instance, if your loved one was arrested while intoxicated, they might not be capable of conveying or even being aware of the details. If this is the case, don’t panic. A Carson County bail bondsman will access this information when they make contact with the jail.

Carson County Bail Bonds: Regular vs. Immigration Bonds

Both types of bonds are used to help people get out of jail. Immigration bonds are different in that the person being held in custody is not technically being charged with a crime. They are simply being held until removal proceedings, where it will then be decided if they will be deported or granted some form of residency. ABC Bail Bonds is a high-quality Carson County bail bonds company. We charge 10 percent of the total bond amount to help ensure that financial stress remains low during this difficult time. Please contact us today if you have any further questions about the bail bonds process or need assistance with bailing someone out.

Carson County Bail Bonds: All About the Bail Bonds Process

Before someone can get bailed out, they’ll need to be booked and entered into the system, which can take a few hours. After the defendant has been booked and bail has been set, you can then begin the process of getting them out. A Carson County bail bondsman charges a nonrefundable fee of 10 percent of the total amount of the bail. Getting bailed out means being responsible for showing up in court when the time comes. If the person in custody chooses to flee, the Carson County bail bonds company can file a lawsuit to cover the financial damages.

If you are looking for fast, reliable and affordable Carson County bail bonds, then you’ve come to the right place!

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