Potter County Bail Bonds

When a loved one is in jail and facing charges, it is upsetting to think of that individual spending the duration of the case incarcerated. Fighting a case out of jail is a better option. If you are wondering how to bail your loved one out or have further questions, then contact us here at Bargain Bail Bonds. We offer affordable bail bonds in Potter County. Give us a call at (806) 379-2003 to get started on a bond today. Or, if you prefer, you can always stop by our offices at 206 SW 6th Ave., Amarillo, TX 79101.

Our team of Potter County bail bonds professionals is always standing by to help you with bail related matters. Give us a call or fill out the form on our Contact Us page to get started today!

How The Bail Bonds Process Works

The initial step is filling out paperwork. After that, we set up a payment arrangement. In comparison with paying cash for the full bail amount, a bail bond saves you 90 percent. Our Potter County bail bonds company charges 10 percent of the bail amount as a premium. The premium is not refundable. Your loved one is then released on the condition that he or she appears in court for all required appearances. Failure to appear will result in a bench warrant. If you put up any property as collateral to secure the bond agreement, you risk losing it. The bond is settled when the individual makes all required court appearances.

What A Potter County Bail Bondsman Does

The bondsman is there for you during the entire bail bonds process. At Bargain Bail Bonds, we are proud of our dedicated bond agents. They respond promptly to initial inquiries whether you call on a holiday or in the middle of the night. Your bond agent guides you through the paperwork, the payment agreement and your responsibilities. He or she then arranges your loved one’s release and ensures that the individual gets home. If you have questions during the case, your Potter County bail bondsman will be happy to answer them.

Fast Bail Bonds In Potter County

When choosing a Potter County bail bonds company, it is important to work with a business that is quick, reliable and communicative. Our bond agents realize that this time is stressful for you, and they work efficiently to ensure your loved one’s speedy release. If you are looking for affordable Potter County bail bonds and need help now, contact us here at Bargain Bail Bonds.

Each of our Potter County bail bonds experts thoroughly understands the bail bonds process and is standing by to help you or your loved one out of jail.

Jail Location And Information

Potter County Detention Center
13100 NE 29th Ave, Amarillo, TX 79111
(806) 335-4100
Visitation Hours

  • Sun: No Visitation
  • Mon: No Visitation
  • Tues: 6:00PM to 9:00PM
  • Wed: 8:30AM to 11:30AM
  • Thurs: 6:00PM to 9:00PM
  • Fri: 8:30AM to 11:30AM
  • Sat: 8:30AM to 11:30AM and 6:00PM to 9:00PM